One thing is certain: there is no point in having a quality product at great prices if the delivery stage is not the most adequate, generating dissatisfaction from your customers due to breakdowns or delays. Therefore, knowing the best way to ship goods is essential if you want to guarantee total efficiency and quality in the dispatch of your orders. For national and international shipments, check the available options. 

International Orders

But if, in addition to making domestic deliveries, your e-commerce offers the possibility of sending orders abroad, be aware that there are cheaper delivery modalities, but with longer terms. But if you need to ship the product more quickly, national companies guarantee safe and fast shipping, but with higher prices.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship Orders?

For those of you who need to understand how to ship packages cheaply, know that it will always be the one with the longest delivery time; that is, you do not need fast delivery.

In general, most virtual stores work with deliveries considered normal. There are also shipping options through carriers and parcel shipping companies, which offer great freight rates, speed, and security.

What Do I Need To Ship By A Carrier?

To send packages through a carrier, most of them have websites, where you can include information such as zip code of origin and destination, weight, and dimensions of the package, including the width and height. By entering this data, the system will generate the shipping amount, and you will be able to request the collection of the product at the place of origin.

How To Choose The Type Of Shipping For E-Commerce Deliveries?

When looking for the cheapest way to ship orders to your customers or how to send goods to other countries (วิธี ส่ง ของ ไป ต่าง ประเทศ which is the term in Thai), there are some essential points to consider. See what they are and how they can impact your business:


Convenience is essential for both the sender and the recipient. When looking for shipping alternatives, remember that if your e-commerce has a considerable volume of sales, it is not convenient to go to the agency to post the orders. This is a waste of time.


Practicality is also essential for the store and the consumer. In the case of the seller, it is more practical for the order to be collected at their office, which saves effort and ensures agility. In the case of the customer, this action ensures that the product is received more quickly.


Security is a major concern on both sides. To ensure that the goods are delivered in perfect condition, the chosen shipping alternative must be suitable for the specifics of the product.

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