Steel is a type of metal called an alloy. An alloy is two or more sorts of natural metals that are blended with each other to make new, special steel. When we talk about steel, we are speaking about a type of steel alloy that is a combination of iron as well as at least one other metal. Several kinds of steel have a number of steels in the mix, though how much is in there, that is, the concentration, may vary. Steels are categorized by what sort of steel remains in it as well as what sort of homes it has.

  • Carbon Steel

Carbon steel pipe [ท่อ แป๊ , which is the term in Thai] is a basic steel that is a combination of iron as well as carbon. It may contain other substances in unmeasured or trace amounts. Carbon steel is classified by how much carbon material is blended in with iron. Low-to-mid carbon steel will have less than 0.3% carbon, while a high carbon would contain up to 2%. Carbon steel is recognized for its strength as well as its capacity to endure extreme heat.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is developed by adding chromium to the alloy. While standard carbon steel might consist of up to 2% carbon, stainless steel has at least 10% chromium material. Similar to carbon steel, other aspects may exist in stainless steel in unmeasured quantities. The most substantial characteristic of stainless steel is that it does not rust or corrode. Preventing corrosion is a distinct building for steel to have. Steel is mostly made of iron as well as iron often tends to rust promptly.

  • Other Kinds of Steel

There are several other kinds of steel, all with a range of alloying aspects, other steels in the mix. How the metals are warmed and dealt with while they are being manufactured likewise identifies a seamless pipe kind and the homes it will have. Other elements located in steel could be tungsten, nickel, cobalt, lead, as well as molybdenum.