Do you know how to buy a car that has had other owners? If you’ve never done this deal or are thinking of changing and getting a used one, follow the tips we’ve prepared below to avoid making a bad deal.

1 – Take A “Test Drive”

Even though you know its importance, there are still those who don’t take a test drive. Anyone who thinks that this is only for dealership models is wrong. It is essential to drive the car to carry out some tests, for example: analyzing the engine, pedals (accelerator/brake/clutch), handling, and general operation. Specialists also recommend having a reliable mechanic so that, together with you, he can analyze the vehicle in progress in practice and certify that it is in perfect condition.

2 – Do You Know The Car You’re Buying?

It’s still common to buy a car through excitement, and that’s where the danger lies. Buying without thinking can lead to serious problems such as unnecessary expenses and regret in the future for not meeting your needs. Because of this, it is essential to know it well, search forums, magazines, and specialized sites for all information and its pros and cons. If you notice some points you don’t like, look for other models and maybe even competitors.

3 – If Possible, Buy From An Acknowledgment

The closer you are to the seller, the less risk you will have. This is true if it is a close friend or family; it will be easier to contact the former owner if there is any future problem. With strangers, if not trustworthy, the situation could be quite different.

4 – Search By History

We forgot to analyze some essential points in the excitement of wanting to close a good deal as quickly as possible. One of them, which often ends up passing by, is to check the vehicle’s history you intend to purchase. Find out if it has been or is stolen. When buying a car from an individual, it is essential to carry out an inspection to check the documents, chassis numbers on the plates and the windows, search the website about any pending items or fines. If you still have doubts, look for companies specialized in vehicle inspections.

5 – Look For To Know If He Has Already Been Involved In Accidents

Serious accidents, where the car’s structure can be damaged, depreciate and takes a long time to resell. But often, there is no way to “hide” a defect here or there for those who know how to buy. The first thing to be done, which we’ve already informed you about, is to know the history, check the painting and see if you can find any ripples in the bodywork; if you can, it could be a sign that he has already been involved in a crash/accident.

Perform this analysis on the doors, hood, roof, and bumpers. Also, identify if he has ever been through floods (see here: Can a car that has been through a flood be fixed?); for those who have never suffered from it, it is common to end up not asking. The most accessible way to detect it is by odor. After cleaning, it is likely to find traces such as clay in narrow parts. Benches and carpets can help. Bear in mind that just like Booking Motorcycle Plate Numbers (จอง เลข ทะเบียน รถ มอเตอร์ไซค์ which is the term in Thai) you also do same for cars

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