But it is wrong to think that adults should give up their goal of language learning. Even if they won’t wake up one morning speaking fluent Italian, Chinese or German, with the right approach and with great dedication, there is no reason why adults too cannot learn a new language.

  1. You Can Change Your Expectations

If you start learning as an adult, you are unlikely to pick up a native speaker’s accent. But who cares? Mastery has a different meaning depending on the person. You can, of course, work on your pronunciation, but who said learning a foreign language means speaking like a native speaker? The key to language learning can communicate with other people, so take the pressure off.

Change an expectation such as “I want to blend in with the English population without anyone ever noticing – sigh!” – that I am a foreigner” in “I would like to speak as well as I did in high school,” “I want to read intermediate-level books in English” or “I want to be able to have a simple conversation with members of the local population while on vacation”- very reasonable goals for adult learners.

  1. You Are More Financially Stable

Because they are more mature and more financially secure, adult learners using English tutoring online (ติว ภาษา อังกฤษ ออนไลน์ which is the term in Thai) are also likely to have more freedom of choice. It’s no secret that spending time abroad, immersed in the heart of a new culture and a new country, is a sure-fire method for boosting learning, and adult learners can often do so. Offer that experience.

Whether retired, on vacation, or sabbatical, adult learners derive valuable advice and enormous benefit from their study periods, travel, or exile abroad. Once again – just like in the previous example – this experience, which is a personal choice – and not their parents’ goal – will therefore most likely be fruitful.

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