Remember the old program where you could only ask university students for help to solve doubts? Today, tutors fulfill that role but answering endless questions.

The tutor’s role is to help the student’s learning trail, Provide Urgent TOEIC tutoring (ติว โท อิ ค เร่ง ด่วน which is the term in Thai) showing ways to help him understand the content better and bring the experience that will reassure the student on their journey. In distance learning courses, tutoring plays a strategic role, guiding the student and encouraging their autonomy. In hybrid teaching, the tutor favors one of the main objectives of the approach, which is the personalization of teaching. With a tutor available, the student can find the best way to learn, reducing the chances of failure.

What Are The Skills Of The Online Tutor?

In addition to the proven knowledge in the area of ​​knowledge you intend to tutor, there are other skills and abilities that the tutor needs to develop.

The skills and functions that the online tutor performs in the managerial, disciplinary, pedagogical, communicational, socio-affective, and technological areas.

Organization – ability to establish contact with students and mediate activities.

Planning – organizing tutoring activities and selecting strategies suitable for the student.

Manage time – organize the schedule and maintain regular access, serving students on time.

Discipline knowledge – continually seeking knowledge about the content and bringing complementary materials to students.

Ability to guide – know how-to guide and encourage studies, providing an understanding of the contents.

Monitoring the teaching-learning process – analyzing student performance and proposing improvements.

Good communication – receiving and transmitting information clearly, with fluency in written communication.

Cordiality – making students feel “welcome,” respected, and comfortable.

Understanding – understanding the student’s reality to feel at the center of the teaching and learning process.

Being genuine and authentic – competence linked to honesty and ethics, essential to encourage trust.

Having empathy – putting yourself in the student’s shoes, respecting their feelings.

Digital skill – knowing the software, tools, media, and technologies used to perform the role of an online tutor.

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