Online casinos are immensely popular, offering convenience, variety, and bonuses galore. But, if you’re a high roller who enjoys VIP treatment, flashy comps, and lavish rewards, you may think that the online casino experience falls short. Think again! With the right strategies, you unlock the kinds of exclusive perks, personal service, and premium gameplay previously reserved for land-based casino whales.

Choose an established online casino with a VIP program

Selecting an established online casino with a well-developed VIP or loyalty program. These programs track your play and offer escalating benefits based on factors like.

  1. Amount deposited and wagered
  2. Frequency of play  
  3. Game preference (slots, table games, etc.)
  4. Loyalty over time

Upscale casinos offer renowned VIP programs that pamper high rollers. Study the VIP program tiers and rewards to pick one that aligns with your play style and preferences. Fund your player account substantially to get the VIP team’s attention. Making large deposits upfront rather than stringing together multiple small deposits shows you’re a serious player. 

Maintain a healthy balance

Don’t just make a single large deposit and withdraw it all. Let your balance accumulate so the casino sees you’re actively maintaining a considerable bankroll. When your balance hovers around the $10,000+ range, the VIP hosts take notice. You’ll likely receive emails or calls inviting you to the VIP club. In addition to depositing and maintaining a healthy balance, you need to play at elevated stakes. high roller casino treatment requires betting at a minimum of $25+ per hand, spin, or payline. Playing at stakes of $100+ per round will get the VIP team’s attention the fastest. Gamble and deposit more than the average player, and the casino will reward you accordingly. Play consistently sporadic gambling may not meet VIP criteria.

Establish contact with your VIP host 

Once accepted into the VIP program, you’ll be assigned a personal VIP host or account manager. Establish contact with your host right away to take full advantage of your membership. Email or call your host directly to introduce yourself. Familiarize them with your preferences – preferred games, deposit/play patterns, and bonus preferences. Developing a relationship with your host ensures you receive the finest perks tailored specifically for you. They expedite special awards, arrange gifts, plan travel, and more.

Take advantage of elite bonuses and perks

Now that you have VIP status, it’s time to capitalize on the royal treatment! High roller perks at top online casinos include.

  • Lucrative monthly cashback bonuses 
  • Birthday gifts like bonus credits or electronics
  • Exclusive VIP promotions and leaderboard challenges
  • Personalized bonus offers based on play patterns
  • Faster withdrawal times (24 hours or less)
  • VIP support with dedicated phone/email contacts
  • Invitations to exclusive live casino/VIP events

Your VIP host can provide full details on redeeming bonuses, perks, and other benefits you now qualify for. Be sure to take full advantage to maximize the value of your membership.