How quickly can you use the mouse? The CPS test counts how many clicks per second your fingers make. It’s not just for entertainment; it also measures how quickly we click our mouse or keyboard keys, roll dice, or press buttons.


All you have to do to take the CPS test is go to the Clicks Test website and click the grey “click here and start playing” button. Make sure both hands are warmed up before starting as the clock will start with your first click! When the allotted time has passed, it will show how well-prepared they were for the test, giving insight into their employment prospects for when we’re finally done preparing people for life.

Anyone of any age can play this game; if there were ever a reason why anyone other than high school students should retake these exams (and earn those scores! ), I would recall our company’s desire to have some interns on staff to serve as recruiters.

Your browser’s score will indicate how many clicks it takes to finish a minute of play. Even though this isn’t the only statistic that should worry gamers, it is significant because if someone else has faster clicks per second (CPS) than they do, they will have a better chance of breaking the world record for fastest clicking speed. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since players compete to be the fastest clicks per second!

About CPS Test Unblocked

For some users, accessing this online click speed test could be difficult. There’s a possibility that the website is down or compromised. However, obstruction is frequently caused by an ISP block at your place of business or education.

The following methods allow you to access the click speed test’s unblocked CPS version:

  1. Use a VPN to get past limitations.

Using a VPN is likely the safest and most efficient approach to unblock websites. It is a helpful tool that encrypts your internet traffic, aides in IP address masking so that your ISP cannot tell where you are, and gives you access to prohibited websites by preventing the determination of your location.

  1. Make use of an open proxy to unblock websites.

A proxy website is the best choice if you need to unblock a website on a public computer quickly. Proxy servers route internet traffic through many public servers and addresses while hiding your IP address from employers and educational organisations. While free to use and not requiring installation, proxy servers can not be as speedy or secure as a VPN.

  1. Configure a VPN browser extension.

Using a VPN browser plugin is a great alternative when using public PCs and installing a VPN is not an option. It is simple to unblock any website with these extensions.


How can you increase your speed?

Only by practising and gaining stamina will your clicks per second increase. With practise, some players can record scores that are inaccurate when tallied in the air. Since it takes some time for most people’s fingers to adjust from being used to pressing buttons all day without any exercises or other physical activity, they will become more accurate depending on how much effort has been put into honing this skill. This brings me back to my original question, “How do I improve Click Speed Test?”

When learning new techniques, such as triple tapping rather to double-clicking, it is best to take it gently to prevent injuries because the strength behind those weaker two-finger taps is insufficient.


The CPS Test is a great choice if you’re searching for an entertaining and competitive approach to gauge your mouse-clicking proficiency. With the use of this test, you may determine the speed with which your fingers can make clicks per second (CPS). If you click five times in a second, it would be worth 25 points because each click is worth one point. The CPS Test’s strongest feature is that it measures both hands independently, so there’s no need to worry about having a “left-handed edge” over right-handed persons as other exams could.