Making good condominium management is not easy, but the place must be organized and pleasant for all residents. This job requires a manager capable of doing a good job who needs to use his knowledge, experience, and flexibility to keep everything in order and resolve conflicts.

If you need to do this job and still want to devote time to your personal and family life, maintaining the quality of life, this post is for you. We have prepared a complete guide on condominium management; with all the points you need to know to exercise it efficiently.

What Is Condominium Management?

Let’s start by clarifying what condominium management is after you buy a condo or a house (ซื้อ คอน โด หรือ บ้าน ดี which is the term in Thai) for instance. We can understand this term as the process of directing, organizing, planning, and controlling the use of resources and carrying out activities so that the condominium has a harmonious and pleasant operation.

This work involves not only the establishment of meetings and the inspection of compliance with the rules. Maintenance practices and employee management are part of the tasks performed by the liquidator. To be a good landlord, it is necessary to know all the details of condominium management and the responsibilities that this work involves.

How Does Condominium Management Work?

The administration of the condominium in many ways resembles that of a company. It includes planning accounts, managing employees, paying taxes, collecting revenues (in this case, the condominium fee), carrying out internal works and maintenance, etc.

The management must correspond with the profile of the residents, meeting their needs. Within this profile, we can find groups of people, such as the elderly, single young people, families with small children, noisy people, those who like conflicts, and those who actively participate in decision-making.

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