Remember last winter when numerous motorists were stranded on snowed in motorways passengers stacked up at airports and trains, and a large number of companies were not able to spread out? I was witnessing Britain losing vast amounts of pounds every single day, all due to the snow and when this season is anything such as the latter, don’t be surprised everything to occur again.

Organisations are spending lots of money on business continuity intending to safeguard their assets. Cloud-computing is very large news and large business, what regarding your phone lines throughout a crisis? Landlines go lower, the ability is out, or sometimes, people simply can’t enter into work. Last winter, based on the Federation of Small Companies, £1.2bn was lost each day throughout the snow. That’s unsurprising considering one in three of small companies were forced shut as staff were not capable of getting into work. Just how much wouldn’t it cost your company should you be closed due to a snow day? Cloud-computing enables individuals to work remotely at home, but how can you be sure that your incoming calls are safe by business continuity planning?

Virtual figures are broadly considered because the answer. They’re business figures (for example 0800, 0845 and 03) that ‘sit’ on the top of the existing landline. Incoming calls are routed towards the existing landline so when necessary (for example in case staff are snowed in) the company number may be easily routed to a different landline. You may also path to a mobile*, meaning there is no reason whatsoever for calls to not cope with. There is also virtual geographic figures (for example 01202 or 0207), which are also routed to some landline or mobile. For several companies within the United kingdom, virtual figures are an essential component of the business continuity planning.

Special business figures are cheap to operate. You will probably pay around £14.99 monthly to operate an online business number, depending on what package you opt for (free phone versus 0844 or 0845 figures). Over the price of annually, that actually works to under £200, significantly under the losses suffered by companies without any plans in position if staff can’t allow it to be into work. There are more benefits of special business figures, including: