Beginners Guide to FTX (Part One): Introduction
If you’re a crypto trader, you know how important it is to have a platform that allows you to trade efficiently. There are so many different exchanges and platforms, but some have distinct advantages over others. The FTX trading platform is one of these exchanges that offer unique benefits to its users. FTX has all the features that novice traders need to succeed while providing crypto options trading for advanced users. Here are six benefits of utilizing FTX for trading.

It’s an excellent platform for beginner crypto investors

The first benefit of utilizing FTX is that it’s an excellent platform for beginner crypto investors. This is because the interface is intuitive and easy to use, even if you’ve never traded before. FTX also offers a broad and diverse crypto knowledge base to educate new and experienced traders on everything crypto. FTX has a large community behind it that creates these and other resources like blog posts, podcasts, webinars, and in-person and virtual events.

FTX has lower fees

One of the most common complaints about using exchanges is the high fees charged. Many exchanges charge a flat fee for each trade, and some even charge fees for making deposits or withdrawals.

FTX, however, has lower fees than other exchanges – in fact, it has lower fees than any other exchange on the market today! This means you can enjoy all of your favorite trading features without worrying about incurring additional charges when you use FTX. When comparing FTX fees vs. Binance or Coinbase fees or any other platform, consider how frequently you are making trades, exchanges, or purchases through the platform. Exchanges with the lowest fees will provide more significant savings over time for traders who make frequent trades.

High liquidity and significant volume

The FTX platform has high liquidity and significant volume. This means that you can easily buy and sell assets on the exchange, as plenty of people are trading on it. FTX is backed by Alameda Research, the most extensive liquidity provider in the crypto space. This ensures that you can always cash out your investment.

The company also boasts an impressive number of users, transactions, and transactions per second (TPS). Many traders will be looking to utilize these features during their time trading to succeed.

More Token Options

The FTX Exchange platform offers over 320 different tokens you can trade, compared to only a limited number of token options on other exchanges such as Binance or Huobi. This is especially important for someone who wants to diversify their portfolio with cryptocurrencies and tokens unavailable on other exchanges. You can easily buy any of these tokens directly with fiat currency (USD) or purchase them through a pairing with BTC or ETH if they are also listed on FTX.

It’s easy to use

FTX, the first social crypto trading platform, is easy to use. The user interface is simple and intuitive, so you’ll quickly understand everything you need to trade on FTX.

The trading process on FTX is also simple: all you have to do is select an asset from a long list of tokens or coins available for purchase with your money—or sell it for cash—and click “buy” or “sell” at a price that meets your requirements.

FTX Token Perks

Another critical benefit of utilizing the FTX platform is the opportunity to invest in the new FTX Token (FTT). FTT holders will receive various perks that will encourage them to invest in FTT and utilize the FTX ecosystem. FTT holders will receive discounts on all fees across the FTX platform. Whether you’re making a trade, purchasing tokens, or buying an NFT, FTT holders can benefit from fee discounts. Further, FTT holders will be given random tokens or NFT airdrops. An airdrop is a free distribution of tokens to users to incentivize them to participate in a crypto project. In the case of FTT holders, they will receive airdrops of SRM to encourage the use of the new Serum DEX.

Another critical benefit of investing in FTT is your ability to join the FTT DAO. A DAO is a way of organizing digital communities in a decentralized and democratic way. DAOs are governed by lines of code encrypted with the rules and regulations of the community. These rules are automatically executed by smart contracts when specific criteria are met within the network. For every decision not accounted for within the code, each member of the DAO will receive a vote to determine the outcome. Because you need to be a stakeholder to join the DAO, and because no individuals hold a hierarchy over other members, the DAO is equitable and promotes collaboration and cooperation. Entering a DAO will give you greater control over your investment and influence over the future of the crypto project.

When trading crypto, the exchange you use is critical to your success. Whether you’re a new investor or an experienced crypto trader, FTX offers unique benefits that will help you reach your financial goals and save money.